bruce laurance photographer

Bruce Laurance wants you to laugh! He wants you to relax! Humor is a common thread running through Bruce's photographs. Whether shooting executives tied to their cell phones or twentysomethings tied to their fishing lines, there is a spirited connection that travels through Bruce's images.


Bruce left the suburbs of Connecticut to move to New York City. He studied photography at School of Visual Arts taking classes with Bruce Davidson and Henry Wolf. Bruce assisted commercial photographers before striking out on his own. One of his first assignments was to photograph a ten-page fashion spread for Seventeen magazine on location in Puerto Rico. This lead to a steady relationship with Harpers Bazaar. At the age of twenty-five, Bruce was shooting fashion for magazines in London, Milan and Paris, where he lived for a while.


After moving back to New York City, Bruce got involved shooting advertising campaigns and switching his focus from fashion to lifestyle photography. He liked that on one day he was shooting a dog licking a beautiful woman's face and another day he was photographing a couple of  old men flexing on the beach.


'I like to keep things natural. I don't like a lot of posing in pictures.' And it shows. Bruce's work captures life's more buoyant moments. This is what his clients love. This is what his subjects love. And Bruce loves it too.

As of April 2009, Bruce re-located to St. Petersburg, Florida.